Self Discovery with Jaclyn Steele

Do this in times of stress, confusion, & turmoil

August 25, 2021 Jaclyn Steele Season 2 Episode 82
Self Discovery with Jaclyn Steele
Do this in times of stress, confusion, & turmoil
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I would be remiss if I did not say, these are some f-ing weird circumstances we are living in.  If you are anything like me, you feel this divide.  You feel the ache of what people are feeling and it effects you deeply.

Whether you are feeling the ache of the world or your family, or even something totally personal to you, this episode is about creating calm within a storm.

I wanted to share the content of today's episode because as I was journaling this morning, I found great comfort in recalling the simple things I do when I'm feeling stressed, or confused, or in a state of turmoil, or just a state of not knowing what's next.  These sweet things are meant to calm you and your nervous system and create a state of grounded-ness from which, hopefully, you can thrive no matter what is happening around you.


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Jaclyn Steele:

Hi, I am Jaclyn Steele and welcome to self discovery. Howard Thurman so beautifully wrote, don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive, coming alive. That, my friends, is what self discovery is all. Where that man Hello, and Happy Wednesday. I am Jaclyn Steele, you're listening to self discovery. And today, we're going to talk about something really important. And I think really important for the current set of circumstances in which all of us are living. So I titled this podcast do this in times of stress, confusion and turmoil. And while I usually like to be a little more specific, with my podcasts, a little more niche, this is something that I feel like, is just divinely timed. And we all need to hear this right now because of the state of the world, and the state of confusion and panic and what society is feeling and what we're feeling on an individual level. Before I get into today's content, a couple of things. First, I want to say thank you to the people who are leaving these amazing reviews on the podcast, I want to do a self discovery spotlight real quick. And this just warms my heart. This is from Sarah hooks and books. She gave the podcast five stars. And she said Jacqueline has such a lovely voice and demeanor and is so positive and uplifting. I enjoy every podcast and her motivational texts come at the right time. Thanks, Jaclyn. You're amazing. Oh, Sarah, it is my pleasure. Thank you for leaving review. For those of you haven't left a review, please do I read every single one of them and weep over them tears of joy. What Sarah said about text messages coming at just the right time. That's another thing I want to talk to you guys about. I have been doing these sacred rebel affirmation texts, where a few times a week, usually in my quiet time, and I'm inspired to just share something inspirational that I'm learning, encouraging something to make you think something to elevate your day. That minute that you're in that is bothering you, I have this deep, intuitive feeling that these texts go out right when they need to. Sometimes they're in the morning, sometimes they're in the afternoon. I don't do them on specific days, just several times a week. And they are meant to just like a cup of coffee infuses your day with a little energy and joy and love. That is what these text messages are meant to do. So if you are interested in receiving these, it's totally free right now, it will be a paid for service at some point. But all you have to do is text me at 480-531-6858. That'll also be in the show notes. But again, that's 480-531-6858 opt in, and then type in the word sacred s a CRED and you'll automatically be added to the list and get those encouraging little nuggets every week. All right. Business is taken care of now we're going to get into the meat and potatoes or if you are a vegan, the tofu and potatoes of today's episode. And I want to start by saying, Wow, what a bizarre time we are living in Afghanistan after 20 years of war. And let's be honest here far many more years and that has fallen to Taliban rule, which as somebody who majored in international studies with an emphasis in Middle Eastern Studies at Baylor University bothers me so much because of the ethos of the Taliban and what they're capable of. So that's horrifying and gut wrenching to just watch, let alone experience. I cannot imagine what it would feel like if people took over America and lay down these oppressive, aggressive Sharia law laws, it would just be absolutely devastating and so terrifying. So that is heavy on my mind. It's something that I think is heavy on a lot of people's minds and hearts. And then that doesn't even take into consideration at so many of us thought COVID was going to be a thing of the past and now the Delta variant according to mass media, is pointing toward another surge, and American citizens are taking sides over who is vaccinated and who is not. And as of the recording of this podcast, it's still incredibly taboo to have any logical questions whatsoever about the vaccine. In fact, should you have questions which questions are normal, when you are dealing with something that has not been dealt with before. If you speak out about it, you risk having your post taken down, being canceled, or even being banned from a social media platform. This kind of polarizing behavior is not healthy. And it does not encourage logical discussion, or learning everybody's kind of. And I'm risking even losing listeners, which breaks my heart. But I feel like it's so important to speak out about this, that when we subscribe to a particular bottom line, and do not take into consideration other factors, we really are limiting the information. And it could be truthful information that we allow into our lives, which is historically if you study history, really not a good thing. I remember this is total tangent. When I was in high school, and I was in Model UN, one of the first things that our Model UN coach taught us was, if you are arguing for a country, that is, let's say, France, you need to understand France's perspective on this specific issue. But in addition to that, you also need to understand Switzerland, and Germany's and the Netherlands and Belgium and Spain and Italy and all of the surrounding areas. Because you need to be able to argue for both sides in order to have a really concrete understanding of what is happening and what is truthfully happening, it's vital that you take into consideration as much differing information as possible to come to a logical conclusion. And that is something along with being raised by a lawyer, my dad is a lawyer, my uncle is a lawyer, come from a family that loves to debate at the Thanksgiving dinner table. It's so important to question the status quo and not simply or blindly be following a bottom line of either political party because they all have I don't really even want to go into this. But they all have other factors affecting their opinions and their mandates and what they're saying is true. And so I think, right now, it's absolutely vital that we stay as open as possible to whatever the actual truth is. And part of the frustration, which I totally understand is that it's hard to know what the truth is right now. So I know for my husband and I, we have been having a lot of private discussions, the two of us and then asking our friends in private situations like Hey, what are you feeling about this? What are you feeling about this and engaging with people we respect and trust and love, taking into consideration their opinions and then forming our own opinions based on what we feel like is evidence what we feel like is logical, but we feel like is true. Rather than saying, Okay, I'm part of this political party. I am absolutely subscribing to this way of thinking. It takes a lot longer to go this route. But in my opinion, and my husband's opinion, it's a it's a, it's a more responsible way of approaching decision making. Okay. Anyways, I would be remiss if I did not say, you get where I'm coming from here. These are some really effing weird circumstances we're living in. If you're anything like me, you feel this divide, and you feel the ache of what people are feeling, and it affects you deeply. No matter what side of whatever you land on, I still have so much compassion for these people that are hurting. And whether you are feeling the ache of the world, or your family, or even something totally personal to you. This episode is about creating calm within a storm. And I wanted to share the content of today's episode because as I was journaling this morning, I found such comfort in recalling the simple things that I do when I'm feeling stressed or confused or in a state of turmoil. Or just a state of not knowing what's next. These sweet things are meant to calm you and your nervous system and create a state of groundedness. From which hopefully you can thrive, no matter what is happening around you and not be making decisions out of fear, but making decisions from a place of peace and calm. This episode again, it's simple. I went into much greater detail and an ebook that I wrote, which is available to you for free. All you have to do is sign up for my email list, which you can do in the show notes you can do on my website, Jaclyn Steele, calm if you want to dive deeper into just really kind of resetting your nervous system and your life and the way you approach things. But this episode is an awesome, awesome starting place. Okay. So the most important thing, when you are feeling off kilter is to return back to basics. Just the idea of returning back to basics, I automatically feel better. And I find so much comfort in scaling back, I feel my blood pressure decrease and my muscles relax. To get back to basics. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself. Number one, what can I get rid of, it could be something on your calendar that is unnecessary, or that really lowers your vibe. It could be the clutter on your kitchen counter, I know that I need to go back into my kitchen and clean it right now. It could be a piece of furniture that really irritates you that your ex left behind. It can be a negative thought reel that just doesn't serve you and no longer fits the life you are creating. What my dear, can you get rid of ask it in all areas? The next question to ask yourself is what can I focus on where our attention goes? our energy flows. So if you are focusing on mass media and the fear mongering, they dole out on the daily, you are going to feel fear. On the opposite end of the spectrum. You focus on some humanitarian who is doing amazing work in Afghanistan, for instance, you might feel inspired and want to donate money or sponsor family or get involved. If you focus on how much you hate your job. What do you think you are going to feel going into that job. On the flip side, if you focus on creating an awesome resume, and sending it to as many amazing employers as you can find, you will most likely walk into your job feeling a sense of power and control, knowing that it's a temporary situation and one that you are working on getting out of, again, where your attention goes, your energy flows. So continuing on with this concept, if you are focusing on how scared you feel over COVID, every time you leave the house, or the state of the world, or that weird mole you just found on your forearm, then you are going to perpetuate your fear. Again and again. And again. If you focus on However, what you actually have control over, like building up your immune system through healthy food and exercise and de stressing, or understanding, you have a lot of power over your day and your thoughts and your actions. And you can actually make the world a better place right now in this moment, just by being the best version of you. Or you can make an appointment to get the mall checked, you have peace of mind, instead of just wandering day after day. If this is something that's harming you, you, my friend, or an infinitely powerful being, use that power for good. And the easiest way to start doing that is by focusing on things you can actually control and things that light you up and inspire you and increase your frequency on the daily. So yeah, ask yourself what you can focus on. So you probably already know this, but most of us are not breathing properly. That is why breath work is having such a moment in the wellness space right now and hopefully a very long like forever moment. Because not breathing properly messes up our very biology. shallow breathing can lead to heightened cortisol sweating, increased heart rate among other health issues. It can also increase our anxiety and lead to panic attacks. Deep breathing on the other hand prompts a calming response to the brain helps to release toxins from the lungs, loosen our glorious muscles and do decrease our blood pressure. What if you could ease anxiety and breathe deeper without any kind of medications? What if you could do this with a simple product that was inspired by ancient wisdom has scientifically proven results is endorsed by psychiatrists, and designed by a therapist. I am so excited to introduce you to the shift by commu. So design, I'm wearing it right now as I'm recording this, and it is a beautiful and simple necklace with an apparatus that you breathe through. And this little necklace helps you to control your breath. So you can decrease your stress hormone cortisol, slow down your heartbeat, decreased blood pressure, loosen your muscles and come back into the present moment. The shift was inspired by colusa monks of 17th century Japan, they used a bamboo shakuhachi flute as a healing modality and a method of attaining enlightenment. Love this. This shift also provides stress relief backed by science, you can just visit their website to see all of the amazing results that they have created. It's so simple to use, you take a deep breath, and you exhale through the shift, you relax and then you repeat five more times. My husband and I both have a chef necklace and we love them. I have the gold version. It's so gorgeous, and it goes perfectly with all my other layered necklaces. And my husband has the charcoal version, which is masculine and minimalistic I love the weight of it. I love the way it feels around my neck. And I also love knowing that at a moment's notice I'm feeling a bit of stress, I can stop and breathe through this and come back into the present. It is something that I wear almost every single day. And I think it's something that you will absolutely love to check out this stress transforming necklace at commu. So design that's KOMUSODS and use code Jaclyn j AC l y n for 15% off your shift necklace. Now back to the show. The next question to ask to return back to basics is what inspires me and fills my tank. When we are in a state of stress, my gosh, life is hard. And I'm not going to deny that most likely we are running on empty. So this question of what inspires me fills my tank is vital. What is going to fill you back up a vacation. Maybe it's a staycation a trip to the bookstore a date with your significant other or best friend, a night of reading or watching movies, a Silent Retreat to Sedona, a massage, a consultation with that business consultant to get a plan together. If that business you want to start hiring a coach firing a coach telling Jan that no, you really don't want to be part of her romance novel book club. Or no mom, I actually do not want your unsolicited advice about how my dreams are never going to work and how I should just get that government job because it has a pension and health benefits. When things get rough, filling your tank, my friend is not a luxury, it's a necessity. So you can think straight and take action from a grounded and peaceful state instead of a place of fear you do you and do what you have to do to raise your frequency. This is your life. I'm going to say that again. Because I can't stress this enough. This is your life. Don't allow others to make your decisions for you. And in addition to that, imagine what it would be like to feel that feeling you feel after you have filled your tank up to the brim. Feeling that every single day because it's possible for you, you can do that. You can do those rituals, those things on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly yearly basis to fill yourself back up. You do not need to run on empty, it is not a badge of honor. No matter what American society says or Western culture tries to perpetuate you being full is going to do so much better in the world than anything else. Okay. So now I'm going to add a few things that I like to do personally to get back to basics and feel like I'm raising my own frequency. I do think it's going to be important for me to just repeat the questions that I ask one more time before I share the things that I love to do to just make it feel like I'm coming back into my body. Like I'm taking a deep breath. Like I'm me again. So, review, getting back to basics, ask yourself, what can I get rid of? What can I focus on? And what inspires me and fills my tank? Those are such simple questions, then these are things that are so easy to do that I'm going to share with you that I can do pretty much whenever I want independent of anyone else. So I'm not depending on somebody to show up, be there, etc. Many of these things are free. So there's no I don't have the money excuse. And I want you to use them if you want to. That's why I'm sharing them. But know that you personalizing your own list is the best thing you can possibly do. Because only you know what makes you feel peaceful, and in a high vibe state. So I'm going to share let's see eight things. The first one is, and I'm going to start with a little context here is I was raised Christian, and I believe in Christ. However, I also love learning about Buddhism and compassion and the art of non attachment. I think these concepts are fascinating. And when I am in a state of stress and confusion and turmoil and out of my body, etc. Returning to these principles makes me feel lighter, and gives me a sense of autonomy and control over my life. Yes, police. Learning about faith and spirituality in general does that for me, but I feel like Buddhism is a really juicy place to start. Next thing, so simple, but so transformative. Listening to music. We go through our days so fast and on overdrive, we forget to create sacred moments in what feels like our daily mundane routine. And music is an awesome way to increase the vibration of our space. Oh my gosh, the simple joy of a song. I love putting on French Cafe music, or bossa nova or classical music, and doing my work or my makeup or cooking dinner, it totally transforms my mood. It's so soft and happy and beautiful. And it raises my frequency. I love pop music. I love listening to great songwriters. However, when I'm returning back to basics, I know myself and because of my history as a musician, when I listen to songs with words, I get so absorbed in what the singer songwriter is saying that I'm transported into the song versus wordless songs. So like French Cafe music, or Bossa Nova, or classical music, or even meditation music. They give me a totally different vibe. So do what works best for you. But just incorporating more music into my life makes me feel so grounded. Next thing number three, carving out time to be slow. Oh, my gosh, we are just, I feel like rushing is the normal state. For most people. We are rushing to get to work or rushing to the grocery store and out of the grocery store. We're rushing to dinner to meet friends. It's just like a constant state of rushing and it's so not good for us physically or mentally or spiritually. For me, my mornings are essential. I need time to think and read and journal and meditate and wrap my mind around the day. And when things are chaotic, I need even more time for these kinds of activities. Just carving out time to be slow and still and thoughtful. This keeps me grounded, and it keeps my head on straight. If I were to wake up and go straight into my day, I just don't function very well. I am low vibe. Okay, next thing number four is meditation. I get it when you're stressed. This one meditation is hardest, but it's also when you need meditation the most. We are tough. My listeners I know we are and we can meditate. If we're in a stress state. Anyway, even if it's tough. Just sit for 10 minutes and breathe with your eyes closed. If you don't feel at all better after checking in like this and taking that time you have full permission to DM me and share your thoughts. But I don't expect I'll be receiving very many DMS like this, because I don't know anyone who has ever said I really regret during that meditation. It would be like saying, I really wish I hadn't worked out today. I mean, have you ever heard anybody say that? No, that's probably not gonna happen. You're not going to regret it. Next thing, and I talked about this in my ebook too. Again, you can get that by signing up for my email list or going to my website, Jaclyn Steele, calm. But this is so important and that's nourishing food, my gosh, food deeply affects our moods and how we feel. If we are feeling low vibe, we need high vibe healthy and clean food, fruits, vegetables, things that haven't been processed. And I know this is hard. And I'm not saying don't treat yourself, do treat yourself. Just make nourishing food, the majority of what you energize and fuel your body with it makes a world of difference, I promise. And if nourishing food is new to you, and you don't know where to start, consider a meal service like purple carrot where your meal is either delivered to you prepared, or all the ingredients are there and you just need to chop them up and cook them. I have gotten purple carrot on and off the last few years and I really love it. Okay, number six. Oh, I love these for returning back to basics. And I use them throughout the day to do just that. And that's essential oils. I love essential oils. They are like tiny smoke breaks for me but much healthier. I take a moment and I apply them or inhale them or add them to a beautiful diffuser and watch as the room fills with the most gorgeous sense that the Earth has to offer. I love them so much. I know you can tell. I use doTERRA because of their purity standards. I don't want to be putting anything synthetic on my body or in the air in my environment. And I'll leave a link to their website in the show notes. But you do you I think if you're new to essential oils, starting with lavender is such an easy and cost effective one and my gosh, lavender, lavender smells like heaven, my happy place as a side note, and where I go and a lot of my meditations is a lavender field like a beautiful French, perfectly lined up lavender field I that is my happy place. Okay, number seven. Returning back to basics, yoga, just movement in general, whatever it is that makes your soul happy. Move that anxious energy that we feel when we're stressed or in a state of confusion or turmoil or whatever, it goes somewhere. And if we're not careful, it will stay lodged in our beautiful bodies. We have to literally and I mean this literally move it out, shake it out, dance it out. We are responsible for what we hold on to. We're not always responsible for what's given to us by the outside world, but we are responsible for what we hold on to. And for me, I only want to hold on to the stuff that serves my greater good, the greater good of those around me. Last one, and this is so simple nature. Ah Beautiful, beautiful listeners. God is the ultimate creator. Nature is naturally harmonious. If we want more harmony in our lives, all we have to do is tune in with nature. It's literally that simple. When you are in a state of stress, or confusion, or turmoil, etc, however you want to label it. This is not the time to be adding new things to your routine routine. This is the time to scale back to the things that nourish and uplift you. You may have to say no. You may even disappoint someone. You may unfollow Gianni on social media for trying to cancel everyone that disagrees with him. But you're worth it. You are worthy of what it takes to reel back your life into a more manageable beast. And then if and when it gets out of hand again. Just listen to this episode and repeat what works for you. The answers are simple. We just overcomplicate them in our humaneness. I love you ladies and gents and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Happy scaling back and returning to basics.